Pastoral Staff

Pastor Galen & Mary

Pastor Galen and Mary Williams

Elder Board

Mike & Zelma Brown

Mike and Zelma Brown

Sonny & Marcia Hamilton

Sonny and Marcia Hamilton


Richard Anderson

The Freedom Center Praise Team

Praise Choir

Children’s Ministries

Playtime in Nursery

Cassandra Stratton playing in the Nursery

Children’s Church Sunday School Teacher

Amanda Fuller

Amanda Fuller

Members of Freedom

Sandy Anderson 2

Sandy Anderson

Denise Bell

Denise Bell

Shane and Julie Cook

Shane and Julie Cook

Colin and Amnada Fuller

Colin and Amanda Fuller

Carol Gage & April Munoz

Carol Gage and April Munoz

Larry Goodnight

Larry Goodnight

Jamie Stewart, Richard Kerns, & Savannah Richmond

Jamie Stewart, Richard Kerns, and Savanah Richmond

Steve Macintosh

Steve MacIntosh

Warren and Lisa Renshaw

Warren and Lisa Renshaw

James and Amy Wilson

James and Amy Wilson

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