Wednesday May 30, Prayers for Pastor Galen

Father God, we offer up these prayers for Pastor Galen, and we ask that he be totally filled with the Spirit of the Lord today, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there IS FREEDOM! Let God ARISE and scatter his enemies! The Spirit dwells in the praise of His people, and Lord, Galen has brought the Spirit in to dwell in so many of your people so many times, Lord, now, fill Galen with YOUR spirit, and let there be NO room for the enemy to set up camp! We REBUKE the devil, and he MUST flee now! In Jesus Name. We call for discernment, and wisdom for Galen, and the Drs, that no harm shall be done with any medication, or procedure. Only good will come with these treatments, and the Drs will be able to stand still and SEE what God will do!.. Thank you Lord that the tests will PROVE the miracles, and the Glory of the Lord! AMEN

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