Prayer Support and CARDS of Love Needed!

We need to show support for Mary, and spread cheer with cards and scriptures. Let’s flood this room with LOVE and our good wishes, and prayers for healing!

Please send cards of support to:

Galen & Mary Williams Room 2321
Overland Park Regional Medical Center
10500 Quivera Road
Overland Park, KS 66215

Galen will have a feeding tube inserted in the stomach tomorrow morning. He still is unable to swallow at this time. Prayer is need for Galens mind to clear so that he uderstands what is happening and what needs to be done as he heals. Mary is needing much more prayer for strength as she goes through this. At this time she is very very discouraged. I know that she doesnt feel like talking with anyone at this time. So please dont call her call me at 913-547-0196 and I will update you on his condition. Also i think it would be a great idea if we would flood the hospital with cards not so much for Galen as for Mary. Just address the cards to Galens room and Mary will get them. Thanks for your prayers. We cant see the healings that are ocurring in Galen we only see the physical but I KNOW that God is healing him every minute, hour and day.

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