Saturday Update for Pastor Galen

We need to keep Galen and Mary in our prayers and ask the friends, church members, and family to pray and fast for Galen while he is still in critical condition at OP Regional Hospital. Today was a rough day for Galen as they are trying to wean him from some of the medications and work toward weaning him from the respirator. I like the post Amy made with the specific prayer points, and I will repeat them so that we may all be praying in agreement:

Doctors are VERY OPTIMISTIC for a full recovery, though there is still much that needs to change in his condition. His BP and Blood Sugars are returning to ‘normal’ range. There is report of pnuemonia developing in one lung, and it has been drained, and lungs cleared. If you would like to visit, he is still in ICU at Overland Park Regional and non-family may visit until 6:30pm.
1. Manifested healing from all infection in brain and lungs, all effects of it!
2. He is VERY heavily sedated and therefore on a ventilator. He must be weaned slowly from the sedation, and then have the ventilator removed so he can breathe on his own.
3. Strength, Peace & Grace for Galen & Mary through the recovery process.
4. Finances.
5. Peace beyond all understanding. Lord give Galen YOUR Peace and help bring him to the understanding of his complete healing, and need for rest!

The Freedom Center Church WILL have Sunday morning service @ 10am!

We have decided to continue with the Sunday Evening service this week for Prayer, Praise, and Fellowship at the regular time. It is a good thing to get together and pray and update everybody on what is going on. PLEASE consider joining us, Galen needs all the prayer he can get.

Drinks and snacks will be supplied

Thank You, Kathy Wilson

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