Report from Amy, Thank you!

UPDATE ON PASTOR GALEN:(Mary asked me to post. Please read to the end for important info!)
Galen was sleeping fairly soundly when I left the hospital a little while ago. However, there are some major concerns for prayer focus, in addition to the brain tumor. (see Kathy Wilson’s post from earlier for more details)
1. His BP was elevated to >200/80.
2. His blood sugar was >400.
3. There is still fluid in his lungs from aspirating earlier.
4. Finances.
5. Mary & Family

There is to be an MRI in the morning to assess the tumor. If needed, they may reschedule the surgery to sooner than Thursday.

BILL MALLOTTE = person to contact for INFORMATION & UPDATES!
MARY & FAMILY GREATLY APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT & concern expressed by so many at the hospital, & via the internet & phone. However, the hospital staff requested that Mary establish a single contact person for updates, & at this time, they ask that hospital visitors be limited to immediate family. PLEASE

DO NOT CONTACT MARY OR THE HOSPITAL with questions about Galen’s condition. Mary and the hospital staff need to focus on Galen. Mary is also (understandably) exhausted. Please continue to check The Freedom Center’s website or Facebook page, or Cornerstone’s ‘The Table’ for updates.
There will be a Freedom Center phone number posted after noon Tuesday, when the phones are installed. We will set up an information station there, and prayer is always welcome! Thank you so much, Kathy Wilson

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