We have a prayer request tonight from Pastors Galen and Mary Williams. His sister, Charlene Maxwell, in Eureka Springs is being treated for cancer, and she needs prayer NOW, please, and Ben’s Dad, Bobby, is needing prayer for burns to his face, hands, and upper body, I believe from an accident. Lord I thank you that YOU are the healer, and that these requests shall be prayed for in agreement with everybody who reads this. We agree that the cancer shall be gone, in Jesus Name, and Charlene shall be washed clean by the blood of Jesus, from the top of her head, to the souls of her feet. Lord manifest yourself in her life, and give her your peace. Lord, you took her pain with you when you died on the cross, and I ask you to relieve her of pain now. AMEN

Father God, Please heal Bobby’s burns, and leave no scars, no infection, and in their place, give peace, and a new understanding of your love for him. Thank you Lord for quick and complete healing of the body, mind, and heart, in Jesus Name! AMEN

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